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Believe it or not, national park of Paklenica and national park of the Plitvice are the hiker’s paradise. You’ll be amazed by the natural beauty and breathtaking views you’ll encounter on this adventure high into the hills.
If you choose one day hiking trip in to the famous national park of the Plitvice, which is classified at the world inheritance of UNESCO, you will see, among all other nature beauties, sixteen bigger and few smaller lakes, gradually lined up and linked together by innumerable cascades and waterfalls.
You can also choose a three days of hiking in the national park of Paklenica in which you will enter through the canyon of the Velika Paklenica for beautiful rise.

During these hiking days you will be able to observe the changes of vegetation and pass from the Mediterranean type to the mountain type, because The Park area contains 150-200 km of trails and paths leading to the highest peaks of Velebit. There are various routes offered to you to hike and really get to know Paklenica. While hiking, you’ll hear the musical symphony of birds, see various bird and plant species, and learn from your local guide as he provides stories and information about the intriguing legends, fascinating history, and captivating culture of the Parks.
Also bring your camera – this are the views and an adventures to remember for a lifetime.

Paklenica National Park Hiking

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Paklenica HikingNational Park

Plitvice National Park Hiking

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Plitvice HikingNational Park
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