Zzuum Active Vacation - Activities In Zadar - Bike Tour Nin
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  • Start

    There are various routes you can take from Zadar to Nin. We have decided to take you on the most attractive ride – along the coast.

  • Path near shore

    That path to Nin is imbued with beautiful bays, pine forests and small Dalmatian villages that are constantly exchanging on the way, and that are connected by narrow gravel roads perfect for cycling adventures.

  • Destination

    Just before we reach our destination, the ancient city of Nin, we will take a break and refresh in the clear sea of Punta Skala resort, followed by lunch in the tavern with a genuine Dalmatian atmosphere.

  • Old city Nin

    After lunch, the tour repertoire takes us to the royal town of Nin, a fairytale-like place situated on a small island that dates from the 9th century BC.

Nin Tour Route

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Zzuum Active Vacation - Activities In Zadar - Bike -Tour Nin

Tour length: 45km

Zzuum Active Vacation - Activities In Zadar - Bike -Tour Nin

Start Finish
9:00 – 16:30

Minimum 4 persons per tour

Maximum 15 persons per tour

0 € per participant
340 HRK per participant

Price includes

  • Tourist guide
  • Bike rental
  • Route map
  • Morning coffee
  • Accident insurance policy
  • On spot bike repair in case of malfunction


  • For group of 7 or more people – price is 40€
  • Your bicycle – price is reduced for 15 €
  • Lunch in restaurant 15€ – choice of meals:
    fish or meat or vegetarian menu
    one drink included


  • 9:00h meeting with a hot drink at Cafe bar Royal
  • 14:30h lunch in restaurant (optional)
  • 16:30h approximate time of return to Zadar
  • Duration – 7.5 hours



he full cost of the trip is to be paid at least one day before the trip. In case of bad weather or other reasons, we reserve the right to delay or cancel trips with a refund.

The tour organizer is not responsible for lost, damaged or missing items.

Children can also participate from the age of 10, but must be accompanied by their parents.
Be careful when riding your bike to avoid unnecessary injury. Our agency has contracted an insurance policy.

Please also read our terms and conditions.


Please bring plenty of food and water!
min 1L of water
possibly some snacks (sweet or salty)

Comfortable clothes
sturdy shoes
something in case of rain

Beach necessities
Sunscreen, bathing accessories, towel

Camera – strongly recommended

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