The best way to avoid crowds, escape from the city and enjoy the nature is to go for a bike tour. Zzuum offers several bike tours that take you to explore Zadar surroundings. You can choose amongst one, two or three day tours, guided or self-guided.

Take your choice; Zzuum is here to take care of everything else!

people on zadar explore bike tour

Zadar Explore Bike Tour is our bestseller. This laid back tour combines sightseeing and sport. As it is a guided tour you will be able to learn a lot about history of the city but also about everyday life of the locals.

Tour length: 22 km; tour difficulty: easy.

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Tour length: 20 km
two bicycles by the beach

Ugljan Self-Guided Bike Tour takes you to the "olive island". It is situated opposite to Zadar, on the other side of Zadar channel. You can get to the island by the ferry; ride takes only 25 min.

Tour length: 35 km; tour difficulty: easy to moderate.

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Tour length: 35 km
Aerial view on island Pašman, Croatia

Pašman & Ugljan Self-Guided Tour takes you on a one day tour across two islands. The ride is easy, the views are stunning and the nature beautiful.

Tour length: 61 km; tour difficulty: easy to moderate.

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Tour length: 61 km
Lighthouse on Dugi otok, Croatia

Take two days self-guided bike tour to island Dugi otok and discover the tallest lighthouse on the Adriatic, the most beautiful sandy beach, cliffs and much more.

Tour length: 56,8 km; tour difficulty: moderate.

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Tour length: 56,8 km
cyclist on a path by the sea

Take a bike and spend three days on self-guided tour on island Dugi otok. Explore amazing nature contrasts, choose among 25 island beaches and have the best holiday ever!

Tour length: 72,2 km; tour difficulty: moderate.

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Tour length: 72,2 km
The church of Holy Cross, Nin, Croatia

You can get to charming town of Nin following the road along the coast or, if you don't mind getting dusty, you can take the off road tour. Either way, you will enjoy the ride and discovering Nin.

Tour length: 43 km; tour difficulty: moderate.

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Tour length: 43 km


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