Explore two islands

Pašman & Ugljan bike tour starts on the island of Ugljan. It is called "the green island" because of the numerous olive groves and pine tree forests. The road takes you along the seaside, by the beautiful bays and beaches and through the charming villages. On Pašman & Ugljan tour you can discover preserved nature and traditional way of life.

Ugljan and Pašman are connected by Ždrelac Bridge so you can visit both islands  the same day. Island of Pašman is part of Zadar archipelago and it has the cleanest water in the Adriatic because of the constant changes of the current. If you like swimming in crystal clear water, this is the right place! Join us on exciting Pašman & Ugljan self guided  tour and explore picturesque villages and amazing, breathtaking landscape.


Tour length: 61 kilometers

Elevation: 690 meters

Tour difficulty: easy to moderate

9 hours

Start            Finish
09:00        18:00

1 person
Minimum number of participants per tour
12 persons
Maximum number of participants per tour


  • Schedule is very flexible.
  • There are numerous ferries departing from Zadar to Ugljan so you can deside when to start the tour and when to return.
  • We strongly recommend to take the ferry at 09:30 or 10:30 so you have the whole day ahead.

Pricing & Booking


  • 42 per person (310 HRK)
  • 17 supplement for electric city bike (125 HRK)

Price Includes

  • bike (MTB or trekking), safety helmet and bike lock
  • bike tool kit + spare tire
  • maps and instructions
  • return ferry ticket (Zadar-Preko-Zadar) for bike and person
  • energy pack (isotonic drink and energy bar)
  • accident insurance policy
  • 24/7 ZZUUM assistance


  • bike guide (English speaking)
  • this bike tour can be adjusted to your requirements
  • possibility of overnight in Pašman (camping, apartment)
  • for any special requests feel free to contact us

Pašman & Ugljan self guided bike tour - the two islands bike tour


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Pašman & Ugljan


Kali village is the biggest village on the Ugljan Island but also the biggest village of all Zadar islands. its history goes back to the 13th century. This picturesque village is most famous for its fishing tradition, especially tuna fishing but also for its excellent homemade olive oil produced from the olives that grow on hundreds of years old olive trees. Tradition and modern way of life live side by side in this dynamic and remarkable village.


Pašman village is situated on the island of Pašman which is connected with Ugljan island by the bridge. This village is first mentioned in 11th century under the name Postimana. It has two beautiful sandy beaches and a few ports with moorings but also a several restaurants with high quality and fresh local food. Those who like long walks in the nature will be able to enjoy the smell of aromatic herbs that grow in abundance on Pašman fields. No wonder Pašman has become popular tourist destination!


Benedictine monastery Ćokovac is located on the top of 95m high hill. It was first built in the 11th century. Since then it was devastated several times and built again, last time in the 14th century by the Benedictines themselves. For the centuries it has been the guardian of the Pašman Channel. Nowdays it is the place of peace and quite for the monks who live there and the site with the breath taking view on the area of Kotari, Vrana and Dinara and Velebit mountains for the visitors.