Great riding experience

First of all, horseback riding is a great outdoor adventure! And you do not even have to be an experienced rider to enjoy it because our professional instructors are there for you. They will not only take care of your safety but also will show you the best trails.

You can choose between 1 hour or 2 hours horseback riding tour. In either case, you will explore Dalmatian countryside and enjoy the view on the Zadar and mountain Velebit. Just leave everything to us and have fun spending time with these beautiful animals. After all, you are on a holiday!


Tour length : 1 hour or 2 hours

Tour difficulty : beginner to medium

1 hour/2 hours

Start                                Finish
08:00/09:00                    10:00

          18:00                 19:00/20:00


1 person
Minimum number of participants per tour
2 persons
Maximum number of participants per tour
Pricing & Booking


  • 40 per person - 1 hour (300 HRK)
  • 60 per person - 2 hours (450 HRK)

Price Includes

  • instructor
  • helmet

Additional info

  • for safety reasons and well being of the horses maximum weight of the rider is 95 kg/210 lbs
  • age limit: 18 years
  • wear full length trousers and closed-toe shoes (NOT flip - flops)
  • bring sun glasses and sun protection
  • you can bring a small camera on neck or belt strap or in a zipped pocket
  • you will receive booking Confirmation Voucher over e-mail

Horseback riding – sightseeing and sport combined


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Riding in Zadar


Horses were domesticated around 4000 BC. There are more than 300 different horse breeds; however, there is only one true wild horse - Przewalski's horse. It is also known as a Mongolian wild horse.
Thanks to the 'stay apparatus' in their legs horses can sleep not only lying down but also standing up.


Equestrianism is an Olympic sport since 1900. There are several different disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, endurance and combined driving. Today, a man and a horse are bonded more the ever because we use horses for therapeutic purposes, too. Thanks to their character, horses are part of medical treatments for disabled people, both children and adults.


...that the horse was domesticated around 3500 years BC?
...that polo originates from Persia?
...that equestrianism was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1900 Summer Olympics?